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Monday, June 19, 2017

A finished guestroom and I LOVE IT!

Whelp....this little, itty bitty guest room was months and months in the making!
Yes, I had no deadline but ten months is kinda ridiculous!
Oh well....It's been used way before now but I just finally hung everything on the walls.

My finished framed herbarium pages!
I taped together packing paper pieces from Walmart to create a huge piece of paper.

Next I measured as best I could so they would be perfectly spaced apart.
You should have seen me on the floor, creeping around this huge thing!

I decided to mark around the frames a little bit to help me with the leveling
when I taped the pattern to the wall.

I also measured the distance from the top to the hanger on the back of the frame
to mark where the nail hole would need to be. I had to remove the stand on the backs
before hanging as they were way too long.

I used painter's tape on the top left corner then used a laser level on the right side
to determine where to hang it so my pattern would be level.
I promise, it's not perfect but good enough to make me happy!!!

Next, I hammered in a small nail on each mark on my pattern.

And this is the result sweet friends!!!!

These herbarium pages are real specimens and were created in 1898.
I'm just so happy they have a place of honor in our home!

More photos around the room after more items were hung!

I found the rug at Homegoods and it was pricey but the velvet bed skirt was a thrift find!


This little room is probably only 10' x 12' but I've managed to cram about a zillion things
in it!!! But I truly am pleased with the results. I hope you can get a few ideas from it!

Wishing you a beautiful week dear friends!

hugs and love,

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tackling a few projects!

I had been putting off working on my herbarium prints but
finally got back to them!

I purchased cheap dollar store frames and of course, they looked cheap!
Gaps in the corners and crazy gold color. I love more subdued shades.
Here's my first one completed ~

You can see the gap in the corner and they ALL had them in all four corners.
So my solution was to caulk every corner of all fifteen frames.
Using wet fingers and a damp rag it really worked!

Below is one corner that's caulked. I didn't bother terribly much with having it
be perfectly smooth. I figured it would make the frames look older!

My next step was to spray Kilz Complete on all fifteen frames.
That took awhile!
But here they all are dried and ready for my next step.

I happen to have in my stash a beautiful Taupe colored metallic craft paint and it looks
BEAUTIFUL with the tones of my herbarium pages.
I brushed on this coat on all fifteen frames as well.
It's not perfect but I like that! Imperfection adds character.

These are my pages below. Now to finish cutting down the book page scrapbooking paper
I chose to be the backdrop of the pages and finish framing the other fourteen prints.
I'll have a few left over so I'm picking my favorite ones.

This is the look I'm going for except for I will have three rows of five!

Another project I'm in the middle of is framing
three beautiful Luna moths that I've found over the years.
First I have to re-hydrate them, arrange them with foam, pins and waxed paper
then let them dry back out.

Aren't they beautiful??

I've been hoarding this shadow box for a few years now and think
they will just perfect inside!!! I'll share my finished project soon.

And lastly I've been beautifying our front porch!
Four ferns hanging and a few other plants have it looking so pretty.

I even transformed an old fire pit frame into a small herb garden!

I've been a busy girl around here!
I'll be sure to share the herbarium pages as soon as I have them hung ~
Wish me luck!!!

I hope you are doing so very good ~
hugs and love,

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Just a few of my very favorite things ~

My sweet friend Lisa and I send each another birthday gifts every year.
Most times they are late but you don't care...
because a gift is a gift!!!
Especially from someone that "gets" you!

My birthday is the day after Christmas (yeah, it ain't cool)
and I received a box FULL of treasures from Lisa last week.!!!!
It's all SO AMAZING!
I took a few photos to share the goodness with you.
I may have to explain a few things...
because I'm a weirdo and she knows what I love!

From left to right: Lisa went to an estate sale of a lady that loved sewing baby dresses.
So she bought homemade patterns and even some items that were in progress of being
created! Old lavender colored seam binding, a handmade tag from Lisa....
marbled book cover interiors.

Look at these gorgeous calendar pages!!!! I'm going to HAVE to frame them!
In the my very favorite gift.
It's a small deer!!!
I love nature and he is so beautiful to me!

Fragments of amazing lace, fabrics, sweet books and patterns from the sewing lady.

Then there's this gorgeousness.
A beautiful altered box that Lisa made.
It's filled with even MORE lace fragments and treasures!

He really is so beautiful ~ maybe not to everyone but he is to me.

I found the perfect wooden box at TJ Maxx to house him too.
I'm going to create an assemblage with Taco as the star (of course I named him!)
Just wait, it will be wonderful! I'll be sure to share with you too!

In other news....our front porch is looking pretty good this spring!!!
I had to share a little photo ~

Clara and Murray are growing like little weeds!!!! Clara's 8 now and Murray will be 5 in September!

Baby Owen is now FIVE months old and such a happy angel!!!!

I finally bought new glasses and still am trying to adjust to the progressive lenses.
Good grief. What a labor that is!
I'm still using my readers to look at the computer screen after spending 275.00 on the glasses.

And lastly...a precious Mother's Day gift from Heather and David.
A sweet canvas filled with photos of all of my babies and grandbabies!!!!!
It's so beautiful to me.

I hope you all are doing so good. Please forgive my absence.
Life takes over sometimes and you just have to live it!

Hugs and love to you all,

Monday, March 27, 2017

A simple but beautiful spring wreath!

I wanted to share a simple spring wreath I made for my mom this past weekend!
The garlands were on sale for half price at Hobby Lobby last week
so we purchased one artificial greenery garland for 8.00 (originally 15.99)
and one grapevine wreath that was 4.99.

I already had the artificial nest, the speckled eggs and moss.
Plus the little buds that surround the nest.

I used floral wire to attach the garland to the wreath as well as the nest.
The eggs, moss and buds were glued on using Fabri-Tac glue.

So...a very simple wreath that was only 13.00!!!
Plus my mom LOVES it!
Now I need to make mine ~
Of course I had to buy the stuff to make me one too!!

Hugs and love,

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Welcome Spring!!!! And what's going on in my neck of the woods!

The older I get the more quickly time flies!
I'd always been told that but now I see how true it is.

Spring begins next week!!! EEEK! I simply can't believe it.

I so hope that life has been treating you well.
Things have been clipping along here in our old farmhouse
so I thought I'd share what's been happening around here.
The photo below is from a few years ago,
a sweet cardinal's nest in one of our shrubs.
The color of the eggs are beautiful!

And since my last post...
look at how big our precious grandson Owen is!!!
He's about to be three months old and
is such a happy baby...
he knows how much he is loved!

In other news ~
I'm not sure if you're on Facebook but I had the bright idea
to start a "Dawn's Studio De-Stash" group!

I've been going through EVERYTHING!!!
I thought I'd try to sell a few items as
my hoard had grown to GIANT proportions.

why not sell to my friends?
If you'd like to pop over to Facebook and join,
I welcome you!
Simply request to join and I'll approve you.
I have no schedule but am constantly adding new things.

Here's a sampling of items that have already been sold:

Neat, huh?
I'm still adding items to my Etsy too.
I have even made a few new things!
A couple of altered bears wearing wonderful vintage
doll clothes...and lace lavender sachets!

And lastly I'm almost finished with the guest room!!
Yes, I have been adding and adding more things
to the point that I believe it's reached maximum capacity!

I found these wonderful cones at Hobby Lobby for half price.
Only 7.00 each!!!
I knew they'd be beautiful on either side of the framed lamb print
over the bed.

Then I found a furry pillow cover at Hobby Lobby for half off as well!
I love seems to remind me of lamb's wool.

I found a beautiful bookcase at Walmart for only 80.00!
Searching all over the house,
I gathered tons of old, raggedy books and placed them inside.
I'm so pleased with it!
Of course it's still a work in progress.
It's so much fun placing items inside.

I'll hang the thankful sign over the door going into the bathroom soon.

More botanicals!!!
Again, half off at Hob Lob.
I want to put them in the wicker cone below ~

My last project will be to finish framing FIFTEEN
of these beautiful herbarium pages!
I will hang them in three rows of five
opposite of the sheep and bed wall!
I can see it in my mind's eye already.
I'm puttying the corners of Dollar Tree frames
and spraying them with Kilz.
I found some wonderful text scrapbooking papers to place inside
as a backdrop. I'll be sure to share when finished!

Sorry for such a humongous post but it's been awhile!

I hope you are doing so good
and want to wish you a very Happy Spring
dear friends!!!

Hugs and love,


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